Teen Program Mentee Application

Teen Program Mentee Application

This is a PDF fillable form (click here).

In order to complete the application, we require your signature on the form. You can either create an electronic signature to complete the form or print off the form and sign manually. If you’re having difficulty seeing the e-signature field at the bottom of the application, save the file to your desktop and re-open it.

Once signed, you can email it to the Big Brothers Mentoring Coordinator at your child’s school, or have your child hand it into their teacher and ask them to pass it to the Big Brothers Mentoring Coordinator or their School liaison for Big Brothers.

Please see below for the instructions on how to electronically sign the PDF.

How to make an E-signature

  1. Select ‘Create a new Digital ID’ and press ‘Continue.’
  2. Select ‘Save to File’ and press ‘Continue.’
  3. Fill out your Full Name and Email address and press ‘Continue.’
  4. Check where you want it to be saved on your computer. Create a password (at least six characters long).
  5. Click on the file with your name (Digital ID File) and press ‘Continue.’
  6. Click on ‘Create’ at the top right, and click on ‘Draw’ around the center. After you sign, click ‘Apply.’
  7. Enter the password you just created and click ‘Sign.’
  8. You may be asked to save the form on your computer.
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