Mentoring with Math

Mentoring with Math

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The Mentoring with Math program is designed to strengthen the impact of math tutoring by adding in the element of mentorship. Learning from a Mentor as a positive role model and friend encourages self-esteem and confidence building for the Mentees as they work through math problems together. Math Mentors and their Mentees meet once a week to work on numeracy, complete activities, and play games. No previous experience is necessary to volunteer as a math tutor, all training is provided by Big Brothers.

Who can be a Math Mentor?

  • Adults 18+, inclusive of male, female, trans, and gender diverse individuals.
  • Inclusive and welcoming of Mentors of all sexual orientations.
  • Reliability, consistency, dedication, and respectfulness of others.

What are the requirements?

  • Minimum 10 week commitment
  • In-person sessions are 90 minutes once a week, and virtual sessions are 60 minutes once a week,
  • Programs offered virtually Monday to Wednesday between 4:00 PM and 5:00PM
  • In-Person programs offered at Surrey Library on Tuesdays between 4:00 PM and 5:30 PM

Who are the Little Buddies?

  • Children in grades 3-7 who demonstrate a need for assistance in math at their grade level

How does the program work?

Children in grades 3 – 7 are able to attend Mentoring with Math sessions each week for 90 minutes. For the first part of the session, volunteers will use a variety of techniques based on the principles of the JUMP Math numeracy program to encourage an understanding and love of math. The second part of each weekly session will encourage students in the program to interact with one another through a number of games and activities.

Who tutors the children in the program?

The volunteers are not professional tutors but volunteers who have a desire to support children in their community. They are only available for assistance during the 90-minute program session. All volunteers go through Big Brothers’ screening and training process before joining the program.

Interested in joining the program?

Children in the program must be able to demonstrate a need for academic assistance in math at their grade level and not be able to access any other academic enrichment programs.

For more information about enrolling your child in this program, please contact Loreen Kishor, Group Program Manager at Loreen.Kishor@bigbrothersbigsisters.ca, or via phone at 604-499-2336.

Further information

The program is based on JUMP Math, which is a numeracy program. It’s dedicated to enhancing the potential in children by encouraging an understanding and a love of math in students and educators. The REACH Community Fund helps Canadian non-profit and charitable community organizations that deliver tutoring or mentoring, homework clubs and schools that have a community volunteer program for tutoring outside of the classroom. REACH provides students with JUMP Math workbooks, tutor guides, and tutor training at no cost to approved tutoring programs. Our Mentoring with Math program is in partnership with SFU Surrey TD Community Engagement Centre, Sunset Community Centre in Vancouver, and North Burnaby Neighbourhood House.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hear from a Mentoring with Math Mentor

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Here's what Airi, a Mentoring with Math volunteer and also a Big Brothers staff team member, has said about her experience with our Mentoring with Math program:

"I have been part of Mentoring with Math for the past two years and have been paired up with many Littles. Each of them have been so different but when I think back from the beginning of the session until the very end, I see so much growth in every one of them, not only in terms of their math academic abilities but also them being more open and confident. Overall, being a math mentor has truly been rewarding!

Following the lockdown last March, I was hesitant of joining virtual Mentoring with Math. I knew it wasn’t going to be the same as in-person but after talking to my Mentoring Coordinator of how it was going to be run, I was convinced of joining again and thank goodness I did! They did a great job transitioning to a virtual program that is delivered through Zoom. The Mentoring Coordinators have been super helpful in explaining how this was going to be run virtually, coordinating the matches and if I had any questions or concerns, they have been there every step of the way."

Pictured: Little Buddy Selina, Mentoring Coordinator Madison, Volunteer/Big Buddy Airi

Teen Mentoring

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The Teen Mentoring program provides children in grades 1-7 with a Teen Mentor who is a positive role model and friend. We create one-to-one Mentor and Mentee Matches, who spend time getting to know one another, while in a group setting supported by a Mentoring Coordinator.

The Teen Mentor and Mentee build a bond and friendship by engaging in activities such as board games, sports, or just hanging out. The focus of the program is to enhance the Mentee’s self-esteem and confidence. In addition, our Teen Mentors also benefit from improved leadership skills and their interest in volunteerism.

All of our mentors in this program receive further opportunities for learning through our Youth Leadership initiatives. This program aims to further support teens in our programs and to offer them additional opportunities to develop leadership skills that they can apply in their everyday lives. These leadership skills include conflict resolution, activity planning, career planning, mindfulness, and child development. We have seen these youth who are given additional training able to mentor more effectively and receive more life skills through a higher level of participation in their program.

Who can be a Teen Mentor?

  •   All genders in grade 9-12
  •   Students who attend our partnered secondary schools

Who can be a Little Buddy?

  •  All genders in grade 1-7
  •  Any student in Greater Vancouver

For more information regarding this program, please contact our team at bbgv.youth@bigbrothersbigsisters.ca.

What are the requirements?

  •   1 hour/week
  •   1 school year commitment
  •   1-to-1 time

The Benefits to the Volunteer

  • Gain volunteer hours towards graduation
  • Develop leadership skills and build your resume
  • Make new friends
  • A fun way to make a huge impact in your community

The Benefits to the Child

  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Improved decision-making skills
  • Improved ability to express feelings
  • Less likely to bully or be bullied.

Interested in Joining?

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Want to hear from a Teen Mentor?

Here is Salwa telling us why she volunteers with Big Brothers.

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