Spring Cleaning: Tips & Tricks

Spring Cleaning: Tips & Tricks

After long months of cold wintry weather, the days are finally becoming sunny and bright. The beautiful cherry blossoms are blooming and it’s the first official week of spring! For many people the change in season means spending more time outdoors, but for others this also means it’s time for some spring cleaning. To make life a little easier, we have compiled a few of our favourite internet tips and tricks for de-cluttering and creating space.

1. Organize and Donate your Clothes

The first and most obvious step to de-cluttering is to start with getting rid of any unwanted items. Remove any items you haven’t used in the past year and pack them in bags or boxes. Donate them to Big Brothers and we would be happy to take these items off your hands with our convenient FREE home pick-ups or donation bins. You can book a free pick-up online at BIGclothingdonation.com. Your donation helps support mentoring programs for children across Greater Vancouver and the Sea to Sky Corridor.

2. The Upcycle That Will Double Your Space

The next hack from Brit+Co is simple, yet effective at the same time. Before you recycle that can of pop, pull the tab off to use as a quick way to double the hanging space available on one hanger. This technique is an excellent way to store more clothing on a single closet rod.


3. Suitcases Aren’t Only for Travelling!

We really like tip #5 from Readers Digest’s “14 Ideas from Professional Organizers List” by Ann Bingley, a professional organizer. She recommends we search our homes for things that are going unused or might be empty such as suitcases and secretly store things away in there.

4. DIY Branch Clothing Rack

This DIY branch clothing rack by Sugar and Cloth is not only a great way to hang your clothing but it’s a super eye-catching piece that’s sure to make a statement in any room.  Easy step by step instructions are on the website.

Now that you’ve seen our favourite tips and tricks for de-cluttering, it’s time to hop like an Easter bunny and get to it. Happy spring cleaning!

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