Teen Mentoring

The Teen Mentoring program provides children in grades 1-7 with a Teen Mentor who is a positive role model and friend. We create one-to-one Mentor and Mentee Matches, who spend time getting to know one another, while in a group setting supported by a Mentoring Coordinator.

The Teen Mentor and Mentee build a bond and friendship by engaging in activities such as board games, sports, or just hanging out. The focus of the program is to enhance the Mentee’s self-esteem and confidence. In addition, our Teen Mentors also benefit from improved leadership skills and their interest in volunteerism.

All of our mentors in this program receive further opportunities for learning through our Youth Leadership initiatives. This program aims to further support teens in our programs and to offer them additional opportunities to develop leadership skills that they can apply in their everyday lives. These leadership skills include conflict resolution, activity planning, career planning, mindfulness, and child development. We have seen these youth who are given additional training able to mentor more effectively and receive more life skills through a higher level of participation in their program.

Who can be a Teen Mentor?

  •   All genders in grade 9-12
  •   Any student in Greater Vancouver

Who can be a Little Buddy?

  •  All genders in grade 1-7
  •  Any student in Greater Vancouver

For more information regarding enrolling your child into this program, please contact Angela Rodriguez, Teen and Youth Leadership Program Coordinator at angela.rodriguez@bigbrothersbigsisters.ca, or via phone at 604.202.6111 .

What are the requirements?

  •   1 hour/week
  •   1 school year commitment
  •   1-to-1 time

The Benefits to the Volunteer

  • Gain volunteer hours towards graduation
  • Develop leadership skills and build your resume
  • Make new friends
  • A fun way to make a huge impact in your community

The Benefits to the Child

  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Improved decision-making skills
  • Improved ability to express feelings
  • Less likely to bully or be bullied.

Interested in Joining?

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Want to hear from a Teen Mentor?

Here is Salwa telling us why she volunteers with Big Brothers.

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