Why Donate to Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver’s Donation Bins

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In a world that is increasingly marked by consumerism and material excess, the act of giving takes on a unique, transformative power. 

There are countless organizations that work tirelessly to help those in need, but few have the deep local roots and long-standing impact of Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver. 

Through our donation bin program, we’ve found a compelling way to leverage our surplus for the benefit of children and youth in our local communities. 

This initiative not only directly supports local children and families, but it also aids in promoting a more sustainable and empathetic society. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the many reasons why you should consider donating to one of Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver’s donation bins.

A box of donated clothing sitting on the floor.

Understanding the Mission of Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver

Our mission is to enable impactful mentoring relationships where children and youth can discover their power and potential, in collaboration with our local communities. 

Briefly, these are the objectives of our mission:

  • Mentoring Programs: The organization aims to provide comprehensive mentoring programs for children and youth, fostering a nurturing environment for their personal growth and development.
  • Community Engagement: Big Brothers consistently works towards engaging the community, creating partnerships, and initiating programs that bring people together for a common cause.
  • Promoting Inclusivity: The organization advocates for a diverse and inclusive society where every child, irrespective of their background or challenges they may be facing, gets the opportunity to reach their full potential.
  • Supporting Families: Big Brothers takes a holistic approach by providing support to not just the children, but also their families, thus creating a strong network of care.

To read more about our mission, please visit our About Us page.

The Power of Your Donations

When you drop off items in a Big Brothers donation bin, you’re fueling a variety of beneficial initiatives in Vancouver:

  • Funding Programs: We have a long-standing partnership with Savers (Value Village) which helps generate revenue to fund Big Brothers’ crucial mentoring programs.
  • Supporting Local Families: Donations provide affordable shopping options for local families, making necessary items accessible and reducing financial stress.
  • Job Creation: The process of sorting and selling donations helps in creating local jobs and promoting economic stability.
  • Promoting Volunteering: Donation drives and sorting events provide opportunities for community members to volunteer and engage with the organization.

What Goes into the Donation Bins? Understanding Acceptable Items

Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver welcomes a range of items in their donation bins. 

Below are some categories of acceptable donations:

  • Clothing: All types of wearable items like shirts, pants, dresses, and coats.
  • Shoes: Both adult and children’s shoes in usable condition.
  • Accessories: Items such as belts, handbags, and jewelry.
  • Household Textiles: Bedding, curtains, towels, and other fabric-based items.
  • Small Household Goods: Kitchenware, décor, toys, and other small items that can fit into the bins.

For a full list of everything we accept, please refer to what you can bring to our donation bins page on our website.

A person dropping a bag of clothing donations into a donation bin
A person dropping a bag of clothing donations into a donation bin

The Environmental Impact of Your Donations

By donating to Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver, you’re not just aiding the community but also contributing to environmental sustainability – specifically, here’s how:

  • Reducing Landfill Waste: When you donate items instead of discarding them, you’re preventing unnecessary landfill waste.
  • Promoting Reuse: Donated items get a second life when they’re bought and used by others, reducing demand for new goods.
  • Saving Resources: Reusing items means fewer new products are made, which saves natural resources and reduces carbon emissions associated with manufacturing.
  • Promoting a Circular Economy: Your donations support a circular economy model, where items are reused and recycled instead of following a linear “take, make, dispose” model.

How Your Donations Support Job Creation

The process of collecting, sorting, and selling donated items generates local employment, making a significant contribution to the Vancouver economy:

  • Creating Employment Opportunities: The various processes involved – from collection, and sorting, to selling donated items – create numerous job opportunities within the community.
  • Supporting Thrift Stores: Your donated items stock local thrift stores, which are typically run by local residents, further stimulating the economy.
  • Encouraging Volunteerism: Donation drives and other related events provide volunteer opportunities, often acting as stepping stones for future employment.
  • Building Skills: Handling and managing donations helps workers and volunteers develop valuable skills, enhancing their employability.
Five individuals sorting donated clothing into bins
Five individuals sorting donated clothing into bins

Transforming Lives: Inspiring Stories from Big Brothers Beneficiaries

The impact of your donations extends beyond immediate financial assistance. They’re often key elements in our inspiring stories:

  • Creating Success Stories: Many children mentored through Big Brothers programs, funded by donations, have gone on to achieve academic success and pursue fulfilling careers.
  • Improving Quality of Life: Families who shop at the thrift stores supported by your donations often find necessary items that significantly improve their quality of life.
  • Building Confidence: Children benefiting from Big Brothers programs often experience an increase in confidence and self-esteem, which positively influences their overall development.
  • Promoting Community Spirit: Stories of successful beneficiaries often inspire other community members to participate in and contribute to the organization’s efforts.

How to Find a Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver’s Donation Bin Near You

Locating a Big Brothers donation bin near you is straightforward:

  • Visit Our Website: Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver has an online map listing all donation bin locations. Simply enter your postal code to find the nearest bin.
  • Community Centers and Supermarkets: Donation bins are often placed in high-traffic areas such as community centers and supermarkets.
  • In Condominiums and Business Offices: Many of our clothing donation bins are located in condos and offices throughout the Lower Mainland, and we’re always looking for new places to host our bins.


In a society where the art of giving is often undervalued, it’s imperative to remember that our excess can become transformed into a valuable asset.

By donating to the Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver’s donation bins, you’re not just decluttering your home or office, you’re making a powerful, palpable difference in the lives of many. 

Your contribution helps create a domino effect, promoting sustainability, boosting local economies, fostering community growth, and most importantly, making a positive impact in the lives of local children and families.

We hope this blog has enlightened you on the significant impact your donations can have and inspired you to make a habit of giving with Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver. Alternatively, if you don’t have a means of transport, feel free to book a free home pick-up on our website.

Remember, the ripple effect of a single donation can reach far beyond what the eye can see.

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