Common Misconceptions About Weekly Volunteering in Greater Vancouver

Jumping into weekly volunteering can feel like lugging around a suitcase jam-packed with ‘what ifs’ and ‘but maybes.’ But every time we ditch one of those misconceptions, it’s like dropping a bit of that extra weight, making room for all the cool stuff that’s just waiting for us. Turning those doubts into something we can stand on? That’s the ticket to really getting out there, making a difference, and forging connections that matter.

Time Commitment Concerns

At Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver, we understand that time is a precious commodity, yet we’ve designed our volunteering opportunities to be oftentimes flexible. Many people are surprised to find that even an hour a week can make a significant difference in a young person’s life. We work with volunteers to fit their contributions into their existing schedules, ensuring that the act of giving back enhances their lives rather than complicates them. Furthermore, the commitment doesn’t just benefit the youth; it enriches the volunteer’s life with fulfilling experiences and connections. Our programs are proof that with the right approach, volunteering weekly can be a rewarding and manageable endeavor. So, the belief that one must have extensive free time to make a difference is one of the first misconceptions we aim to dispel.

Lack of Skills or Expertise

A common misconception is that volunteering, especially weekly with organizations like Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver, requires specialized skills or extensive experience. However, the truth is far more inclusive. Our programs thrive on the diverse backgrounds and life experiences of our volunteers, emphasizing that the most valuable asset you can offer is your time and willingness to engage.

Whether it’s mentoring, participating in group activities, or simply lending an ear, your presence is what truly matters. We provide all the necessary training and support, ensuring that anyone motivated to make a difference can do so. This approach demystifies the idea that only people with specific skills can contribute, opening the door for a wider range of volunteers.

A Big and Little Brother posing for a while while playing baseball.

Immediate Impact Expectations

Some hesitate to commit to weekly volunteering with youth because they worry about not seeing immediate results. Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver encourages a different perspective, highlighting the profound, long-term impact consistent support has on young individuals. The truth is, that change and growth often occur gradually, and regular interactions build trust and resilience over time. Our mentors frequently report witnessing remarkable transformations that aren’t always instant but are incredibly rewarding. This journey of growth shared between volunteers and youth showcases the true value of persistence and patience in volunteering. Dispelling the myth of needing to see quick outcomes is crucial, as it opens volunteers up to the deeper, more meaningful experiences of long-term mentorship.

Finding the Right Opportunity

The belief that it’s challenging to find a suitable volunteering opportunity, especially in a community like Vancouver, can deter potential volunteers. However, Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver has streamlined this process, offering a variety of programs that cater to different interests, skills, and availability. From one-on-one mentoring to group activities, we make it easy for volunteers to find a match that resonates with their passions and life circumstances. Our team is dedicated to facilitating a perfect fit, ensuring that both volunteers and youth benefit maximally from the experience. By simplifying the search for the right opportunity, we break down one of the significant barriers to weekly volunteering, inviting more individuals to explore the rewarding world of mentorship.

A big and little brother eating ice cream on a bench

Underestimating Personal Benefits

Often, individuals considering weekly volunteering focus more on the potential challenges than on the benefits they would receive. Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver aims to shift this perspective by highlighting the personal growth, learning opportunities, and sense of fulfillment that comes from regular engagement with youth. Volunteers frequently report enhanced communication skills, a broader understanding of diverse life experiences, and a deep sense of satisfaction from contributing to the community. The connections made and lessons learned through these interactions enrich volunteers’ lives in unexpected ways, offering far more than just a sense of duty fulfilled. It’s essential to recognize that while the primary goal is to support and mentor youth, the experience is incredibly rewarding for the volunteers themselves.

Dispelling this misconception invites more people to experience the myriad benefits that weekly volunteering can offer.


Knocking those myths to the side, we get to see what volunteering’s really about – growing, learning, and feeling that good kind of fulfilled. There are so many stories out there just waiting for us to jump in, connections to make, and people who could use a hand. So, let’s shake off any doubts and dive into all the awesome stuff that comes with volunteering every week.

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