The Joy of Volunteering with Kids in Surrey, BC

The Benefits of Volunteering

Start a fulfilling adventure by volunteering with children in Surrey, BC – learn how volunteering with Big Brothers makes a massive impact on your community and well-being. This blog will show how your dedication and kindness can spark positive change and nurture development within our community’s core.

Discovering the Heart of Surrey Through Youth Mentorship

Volunteering with kids in Surrey offers a unique window into the heart of this incredible community. Through mentorship, individuals witness firsthand the diverse backgrounds and stories that make up the city’s fabric. Each session provides an opportunity to connect on a personal level, offering guidance and support to the youth. This connection not only enriches the lives of the children but also provides volunteers with a profound sense of fulfillment. It’s a chance to contribute to the community’s future, one child at a time.

Mentorship in Surrey goes beyond simple companionship; it’s about building foundations for future leaders. Volunteers play a crucial role in shaping the perspectives and skills of young individuals. By sharing experiences, knowledge, and time, mentors help youth navigate life’s challenges. This guidance is invaluable in a city as diverse and dynamic as Surrey. Ultimately, volunteering here means becoming part of a larger movement towards positive community development.


  • Connects volunteers with the diverse community of Surrey.
  • Enriches both the children’s lives and those of the volunteers.
  • Builds foundations for future community leaders.

Tip: Engage with your mentee by exploring Surrey’s cultural and recreational activities together.

A older native male with his mentee doing traditional crafts

Building Bridges Across Cultures

Surrey’s multicultural identity is one of its greatest strengths, and volunteering with kids here offers a chance to embrace and celebrate this diversity. Volunteers have the unique opportunity to learn from the rich cultural backgrounds of the youth they mentor. This exchange fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation for the different traditions and values present in our community. By promoting inclusivity and cultural sensitivity, volunteers help build bridges between diverse groups, strengthening the social ties of Surrey. It’s a rewarding experience that highlights the beauty of our differences and the power of unity.

The role of a volunteer in this setting transcends traditional mentorship; it becomes a journey of mutual growth and learning. As volunteers introduce children to new perspectives, they too are exposed to fresh ideas and ways of thinking. This two-way exchange enriches the mentoring experience, making it a truly transformative process. In Surrey, where diversity is celebrated, volunteers contribute to a culture of acceptance and understanding. Their efforts not only benefit the youth but also help create a more cohesive and harmonious community.


  • Celebrates and embraces Surrey’s cultural diversity.
  • Fosters mutual growth and learning between volunteers and youth.
  • Contributes to a culture of acceptance and understanding.

Tip: Take time to learn about your mentee’s cultural background to incorporate their traditions into your activities – giving both of you to develop a greater understanding.

Leadership and Growth

Volunteering with youth in Surrey is an avenue for both personal and professional growth. As volunteers guide children through their developmental stages, they also hone their leadership skills. This experience is invaluable, as it teaches patience, empathy, and effective communication—traits that are essential in any leadership role. Moreover, the act of mentoring helps volunteers understand the impact of their influence, encouraging them to be mindful and intentional in their guidance. It’s a powerful reminder of the role models they can become, shaping not just the futures of the kids they mentor but also their own.

The leadership skills developed through volunteering have far-reaching implications beyond the mentorship program. They prepare individuals for roles in various fields, enhancing their resumes and expanding their professional networks. In Surrey, where community and business leaders often collaborate, these skills open doors to new opportunities. Volunteers can transition the competencies gained from mentoring into their workplaces, contributing to a more empathetic and inclusive culture. Thus, volunteering not only shapes the leaders of tomorrow but also refines the leaders of today.


  • Hones leadership skills essential for personal and professional growth.
  • Prepares volunteers for diverse roles across various fields.
  • Enhances resumes and expands professional networks.

Tip: Reflect on your mentoring experiences to identify and develop your leadership style.

The Ripple Effect of Volunteering

The impact of volunteering with kids in Surrey extends far beyond individual mentorship sessions. It creates a ripple effect that benefits the entire community. As children receive guidance and support, they grow into confident and capable individuals, contributing positively to society. This transformation not only uplifts the youth but also inspires their families and peers, fostering a culture of kindness and support. Volunteers, therefore, play a pivotal role in initiating positive change that reverberates throughout Surrey.

Moreover, the collective efforts of volunteers help address some of the city’s most pressing challenges, such as youth engagement and education. By dedicating their time and skills, volunteers empower the next generation to tackle these issues head-on. This proactive approach to community service not only enriches the lives of the volunteers and the youth but also strengthens Surrey’s resilience as a whole. It’s a testament to how individual contributions can lead to significant community advancements.


  • Benefits the entire community by fostering a culture of support.
  • Addresses key challenges in youth engagement and education.
  • Strengthens Surrey’s resilience and community spirit.

Tip: Share your volunteering experiences with friends and family to inspire a community-wide effort.

An older Indian male playing Jenga with his mentee

Joining Surrey’s Community of Changemakers

Getting involved in volunteering with kids in Surrey is a straightforward process that opens up a world of opportunity. Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver offers various programs tailored to the needs of Surrey’s youth, providing ample avenues for engagement. Interested individuals can start by visiting the organization’s website to learn more about the available options and the volunteer application process. Additionally, attending local community events or information sessions can provide insights into the specific needs of Surrey’s youth and how best to address them.

Once involved, volunteers receive comprehensive training and ongoing support, ensuring they are well-equipped to make a meaningful difference. This support system not only prepares volunteers for the challenges of mentorship but also connects them with a network of like-minded individuals. Being part of this community of changemakers offers a sense of belonging and purpose. For those looking to contribute to Surrey’s future, volunteering with youth is an enriching path that leads to personal growth and community betterment.


  • Provides a straightforward process for getting involved.
  • Offers comprehensive training and ongoing support.
  • Connects volunteers with a community of like-minded individuals.

Tip: Leverage social media and local networks to stay informed about volunteering opportunities and events in Surrey.

To Conclude:

Volunteering with children in Surrey goes beyond just helping out; it’s a path to personal development, gaining new insights, and strengthening the community. Seize the chance to contribute and become part of the group making a positive impact on our city’s future by volunteering with Big Brothers.

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