Brodan needed a positive male role model while overcoming some hurdles early in his life. His school grades were as low as his self-confidence, and his home was a place of unrest and turmoil. Realizing the need for another positive role model, Brodan’s mom signed him up for the Big Brother program.

It was there where Brodan found the beginnings of hope.

Suddenly, he had another positive influence in his life from whom he could learn and grow with. Knowing that basketball was something he enjoyed, Big Brothers paired Brodan with a mentor who also shared an interest for the sport; from there, a hobby was cultivated into a lifelong passion. Brodan made it onto his college team, and fast-forward to today, he’s a teacher at Southridge School in Surrey, and he even manages his own basketball club for youth.

Coming from an unstable home, he knew that his life could have turned out much differently. He gave thanks and appreciation to his guide and mentor, as well as the others who molded his life: coaches in high school and college, colleagues, and his father-in-law. “Everyone who has been in contact with me has played a pivotal role in shaping who I am, whether it was someone who helped me, or taught me a lesson, everything has been a great learning experience.”

While in college, Brodan knew it was time to give back so Brodan once again signed up for the Big Brothers program, but this time, he wasn’t the Little anymore. He became a mentor to another young boy within the In-School Mentoring program, participating in one-on-one meetings with him during school hours.

“I think in our current societal climate, people are so focused on themselves that they miss out on the opportunity to create change, and having a lasting impact on someone else. We all have a story, you wouldn’t believe what amazing things you can do by sharing it and pouring into the lives of someone else.”

Big Brothers was so important to Brodan that he took his devotion past the point of mentorship. He’s partnered with Big Brother’s Purple Net Project. Big Brothers’ mission is to hang purple basketball nets on hoops with missing nets across the city to bring Big and Little Brothers together through basketball. Brodan has been kind enough to help set up purple nets throughout the Lower Mainland. Within the past three years, the Purple Net Project has been able to put up over 450 nets spanning from Chilliwack to Squamish, as well as bring awareness to the programs across Canada.

Reflecting on his experience with Big Brothers, Brodan sees how amazing it has been to be involved in so many different capacities. “It is great to tie yourself to a great organization such as this, as it can open up doors that you never thought would be, all the while, helping someone in need. It’s a no brainer, a win-win.”

There are hundreds of children in the Lower Mainland who are waiting for a Big Brother/Big Buddy mentor right now. Check out all of the purple nets hung up across the Lower Mainland at purplenetproject.ca and learn how you can change a child’s life by volunteering a couple hours just once a week.

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