Q&A: Cape Horn Elementary School, Dedicated Clothing Donation Drive Partner

Organizing a clothing drive is a great way to fundraise for your school. You can clean out your closet, promote recycling, raise money and help children in your community!

If you are interested in holding a clothing drive, check out our interview with Cape Horn Elementary School staff member, Bill McGovern.  He takes a moment to answer several of our customers’ frequently asked questions. Cape Horn Elementary School in Coquitlam and has been involved with Big Brothers clothing drives for over 4 years.  We are very grateful for their ongoing support!iStock_000021158761Medium

Q: How many bags/boxes of clothing do you typically collect for your clothing drive?

Bill: Generally we collect between 160 and 200 bags. Big Brothers pays $2.50 per garbage bag (15.5 lbs) of clothes. 

Q: How do you get the word out and advertise the clothing drive? Posters, social media, newsletters?

Bill: We advertise in our school newsletter way in advance, so that parents can start putting their clothing aside or drop their bags off at the school. We hold our clothing drive every January, that way parents are aware this is an annual event…right after Christmas holidays. Big Brothers also provides ready-made posters for you to distribute around the school.

Q: What will your fundraised dollars support at your school?

Bill: In the past we have used the money for student activities, field trips, technology and the gardening club. This year we use the money to support our breakfast program.

Q: Why do you support Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver?

Bill: This is a great organization for students to support. Plus, our school community is thrilled with this fundraising opportunity, as it does not interfere with other fundraising activities that our PAC organizes.

Q: Would you recommend other schools to host a clothing drive? Any advice/tips for them?

Bill: This is a wonderful way to raise some money to support student programs. Students feel good about organizing, advertising and collecting the donations. It makes them feel empowered.

Start your clothing drive today! Big Brothers will be here to support you every step of the way.  Visit this page for full details on how a clothing drive works.

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