How to Best Organize Your Closet

Sustaining an Organized Closet Space

Today, we focus on the journey to transform your closet from cluttered to curated. This guide provides essential tips for organizing your space efficiently, involving your family in the process, and making impactful choices. Discover how decluttering can not only streamline your home but also support Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver.

A woman stacking various clothing together that she's planning to donate.

Efficient Organization Strategies

Organizing your closet efficiently starts with a clear plan. Begin by removing everything from your closet to assess what you have. This process allows you to see all your items at once, making it easier to decide what to keep, donate, or discard. Group similar items together – like with like – to get a sense of the volume of each category. This method helps in identifying duplicates or items you no longer need.

Once you’ve sorted your items, consider the best way to store what you’re keeping. Use space-saving hangers and stackable bins to maximize closet space. For items you decide to part with, think about their potential to benefit others. Donating gently used clothes and books to Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver can make a significant difference in the community. This approach not only declutters your space but also supports a great cause.


  • Remove and categorize items for better assessment
  • Use space-saving storage solutions
  • Donate items to benefit the community

Family Closet Cleanout

Getting the whole family involved in a closet cleanout can transform it into an enjoyable and efficient task. Start by allocating specific areas or types of items for each family member to tackle. This approach breaks the task into manageable chunks and allows everyone to contribute. Encourage each person to decide what to keep, what to repurpose, or what to let go of. This process not only helps declutter your home but also imparts essential organizational skills and decision-making abilities.

Once everyone has sorted their items, gather together to review and finalize decisions. Use this time to discuss the benefits of an organized space and the satisfaction of reducing clutter. Share tips on how to maintain this new order and make it a regular family activity. This collaborative effort not only cleans and organizes your home but also strengthens family bonds through shared goals and achievements.


  • Assign specific decluttering tasks to each family member
  • Impart organizational skills and decision-making abilities
  • Strengthen family bonds through shared decluttering goals

Two people setting up a clothing donation box stacked with clothing.

Making Smart Choices for Your Closet

Making smart decisions for your closet starts with a thoughtful sorting process. Evaluate each item based on when you last wore it and its current condition. If you haven’t used something in over a year or if it’s showing signs of wear, it might be time to let it go. This approach ensures that your closet contains only items that you really use and appreciate. It also helps in making your closet more organized and easier to navigate.

As you decide on items to part with, think about their potential usefulness for others. Clothes and books that no longer serve your needs could still be valuable to someone else. Consider setting these items aside for donation or repurposing. This step not only declutters your space but also extends the life of your belongings. It’s a practical way to reduce waste and contribute positively to your community.


  • Assess each item’s usage and condition
  • Retain only essential and cherished items
  • Repurpose or donate items to extend their usefulness

Tips for Long-Term Order

To develop long-term order in your closet, it’s essential to adopt sustainable organizing habits. Start by scheduling regular reviews of your closet contents. This could be monthly or with the change of seasons. During these reviews, sort through your items and decide what you need to keep, what can be repurposed, or what you might want to replace. This ongoing process helps prevent the accumulation of clutter.

Implement practical organizational tools to enhance and maintain the order in your closet. Shelf dividers, storage boxes, and hanging organizers can be game-changers in keeping your items neatly arranged and easily accessible. Labeling these storage solutions can further streamline the process, making it easier to find what you need. Encourage your family members to adopt similar practices in their closets. This not only keeps individual spaces tidy but also fosters a household culture of organization and efficiency.


  • Schedule regular closet reviews for consistent upkeep
  • Implement and label organizational tools for easy access
  • Foster a household culture of organization and efficiency

Neatly piled clothes ready to be donated.


With your closet now organized and your items thoughtfully sorted, the journey doesn’t end here. The act of donating to Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver extends the life of your belongings and supports a noble cause. Embrace this organized lifestyle, knowing your contributions make a real difference in your community.

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