Engagement and Inclusion Specialist/Supervisor: Navkiran Brar | Meet Our Team

Navkiran Brar, Big Brothers staffNavkiran has been with Big Brothers now for over 6 years, and she also spent 2 years working at Big Sisters before that! Navkiran is our Engagement and Inclusion Specialist/Supervisor; she looks at different ways of engaging our Big Brothers/Big Buddies, Guardians, and Little Brothers/Little Buddies through enhanced training, events, and learning opportunities.

Additionally, Navkiran advances our strategic commitments to Equity, Inclusion, Reconciliation, and Anti-Racism by examining and updating policies and procedures for the programs at Big Brothers to ensure we continue to remain relevant to the communities we serve. She also co-chair the Inclusion Committee at the agency; the committee promotes dialogue and advances knowledge through conversation and education, building toward intentional actions toward allyship.

Navkiran’s favourite part of working at Big Brothers is match meetings, when the Big and Little Brothers meet for the first time and decide if they want to be matched. “When the two have an immediate connection and click, it is the best. Sometimes the Little has been waiting several years for a Big Brother, it is a true warm fuzzy moment to see it finally happen and their excitement for that new friendship.”

According to Navkiran, as a 13-year-old she felt full of teen angst and uncertainty. When asked what should would tell herself at age 13, she says, “I would tell myself to believe in myself and that my voice matters. Most importantly, to embrace my heritage with pride because that is where I will find strength, not from trying to fit in.”

She loves baking and spreading joy with cookies, a quality her coworkers are extremely grateful for! Navkiran also loves to play board games (though, she’s been known to be a tad overly competitive!); her current favourite game is Ticket to Ride.

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