Community Program Manager: Shannon Hyunh | Meet Our Team

Shannon, our Community Program Manager, has been working with Big Brothers for over 10 years! Her prior experiences volunteering as a Big Sister, studying social work, and working with newcomers is what led to her pursue her career in helping others.


As the Community Program Manager, Shannon oversees the Big Brothers Community program including adult assessments, family assessments, and supporting our staff in these areas. As she put it, “These are all areas I have a strong interest in and I love what I do. I work with really kind, open-minded people who truly believe in what we do, which makes work meaningful and enjoyable.”


One of Shannon’s favourite things about working at Big Brothers is seeing the Bigs and Littles with completely different interests and personalities share some of the strongest friendships! How do they do this you ask? According to her, they take an interest in learning about each other’s hobbies, keep an open mind, respect each other, and truly care about one another.


Shannon is a cat lover; when she’s not at work you’ll find her hanging out with her 12 year old family cat.

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