Celebrating 10 Years of Brotherhood

It’s not everyday you get to celebrate a 10-year anniversary. However, today Little Brother Alex and his Big Brother, Roland, are celebrating a decade of brotherhood.

“I’ve seen him since he was seven-years-old. Now, he’s all grown up,” Roland proudly said.

It’s been quite the journey for the dynamic duo! Alex, now 17, met Roland for the first time at David Lam Park, but it didn’t get off to a stellar start. Back then, the younger Alex had mixed feelings about the new encounter.

“I just wanted to go home because I was so young and I missed my mom,” he remembered.

But all that changed very quickly. The pair quickly bonded and now they enjoy swimming, playing soccer, watching movies, eating out together and lots more each week.

“Stand-up paddle boarding is the ‘funnest’ because you can push him off,” Alex joking said.

Since then, the two have formed a strong bond and have left a lasting mark in each other’s lives.

“He’s someone I can rely on and depend on,” Alex said. He’s even been inspired by Roland to get an early start into the world of investing as one of his new hobbies.

“It’s a real fun and funny friendship,” Roland said. “I’d like to say it’s kept me younger to some degree.”

Both Alex and Roland have also been able to take part together in things they would not have otherwise been able to, such as sporting events and concerts, thanks to organizations donating tickets to Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver for our matches.

Alex’s mother says the two have become a great team together over the past decade.

“I don’t know who Alex would be without Roland,” she said.

What she does know, though, is that Alex’s future is brighter than ever before thanks to his Big Brother, Roland.

Watch the video below for the full story of Alex and Roland’s Big Brothers match.

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