Cameron and Quan’s Exceptional Friendship

A before and after photo 3 years apart with a boy and older maleWhen you meet Cameron (Big Brother) and Quan (Little Brother) for the first time, you can immediately tell that they have an exceptional friendship.

Matched three years ago, Cameron became a Big Brother with Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver because he wanted to give back to the community and become a mentor. “I’ve always known about Big Brothers because of the clothing donation program, so it has always been back of my mind, and when I was ready, I just knew and applied. I was then matched up with Quan, and it has been such an amazing friendship,” says Cameron.

Quan, now 12, recalls the first time he met with Cameron, “I have cousins, but never a big brother. Mom suggested getting a Big Brother for me, and at first, I was uneasy because I didn’t know what to expect. But now, it’s cool to have a Big Brother! We do a lot, and he shows me what happens when you get older.”

Cameron recalls the first time hanging out with Quan, when they had decided to play chess. Quan proceeded to beat Cameron 6 times in a row and taught Cameron something. When asked what they like to do when they hang out, they had a long of fun activities that have a special meaning to them, including golf, cooking (they’ve even made sushi), ice skating, sharing a love for Harry Potter (including making butterbeer) and more.

The usual foundation of a friendship between Little and Big Brothers is built on face-to-face interaction, so the pandemic has been challenging for all Big Brother matches. Mentors and mentees had to find creative ways to stay connected. Cameron and Quan played online games to continue their tradition of challenging each other.

When asked what they think of each other, Cameron describes Quan as a creative, happy, and excited young man. Quan says Cameron is “fun to talk to; I can trust him when I have a problem. If I can’t talk to my mom, I can talk to him.”

If you’re interested in learning more about the Big Brother program then connect with us! Reach out to volunteer@bbgvf.com or visit our Volunteer Inquire Page.

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