Did You Know Big Brothers Offers Book Recycling?

Giving Books a New Life

Welcome to an exciting initiative where literature meets sustainability. You might not know, but Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver offers a book recycling program, an innovative effort to give pre-loved books new life and support our community. This program not only extends the lifecycle of books but also fosters a culture of reading and environmental responsibility. Join us as we delve into how your contributions can make a significant impact.

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Uncovering a Hidden Gem: Book Recycling with Big Brothers

Many are surprised to learn about the book recycling initiative at Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver. This program transforms gently used books into treasures for new readers, extending the lifecycle of beloved stories. Each donation received embarks on a journey to not only find a new home but also to support our mentoring programs. It’s a simple way for the community to contribute to both environmental sustainability and youth development. By participating, donors help divert thousands of books from landfills each year. So, if your shelves are overflowing, consider giving your books a second life with us.

How Your Donated Books Make a Difference

Donated books play a pivotal role in our mission to support children and youth within the community. When you contribute your used books, you’re providing more than just reading material; you’re helping to fund mentoring programs that make a tangible difference in young lives. These books are sold in all local Value Village locations, with all proceeds directly benefiting our initiatives. This cycle of giving creates a powerful impact, offering educational resources to new readers and essential funding for our services. Moreover, it highlights the community’s role in fostering a culture of literacy and support. Your simple act of donation becomes a cornerstone of our collective effort to empower the next generation.

The Journey of a Recycled Book: From Donation to New Homes

Every book donated to Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver embarks on an inspiring journey. Initially sorted by volunteers, these books are carefully evaluated to ensure they’re ready for their next adventure. Following this, they find their way to Value Village stores, where they await discovery by eager readers. This process not only extends the life of each book but also supports our environmental goals by reducing waste. The proceeds from each sale contribute directly to our youth mentoring programs, closing the loop in a cycle of community support and sustainability. It’s a story of renewal, from the moment you donate until the book finds its new home.

Various stacks of books for sale at thrift store.

Sustainability and Literacy: Twin Goals of Book Recycling

Our book recycling initiative stands at the intersection of sustainability and literacy, two pillars vital to our community’s well-being. By giving books a second chance, we not only preserve the environment but also promote reading and education among a new generation of readers. This effort showcases how environmental consciousness can go hand in hand with supporting youth development. Each book recycled is a step towards a greener planet and a more literate society. Through this program, Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver demonstrates that small actions can lead to significant impacts. We invite you to be a part of this dual mission, contributing to a sustainable future and a literate community.

Getting Involved: Easy Steps to Donate

Getting involved with our book recycling program is easier than you might think. Start by gathering your gently used books that are ready for a new journey. Drop them off at one of our convenient locations, or any Value Village location, where they will be gratefully received.  Alternatively, feel free to book a free at-home pick-up with us at your leisure. If you’re looking to contribute further, consider volunteering your time. Our team is always in need of individuals passionate about books and community service.


As we close the chapter on our exploration of Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver’s book recycling program, it’s clear that every book donated and recycled writes a story of hope, learning, and sustainability. Your involvement plays a pivotal role in this narrative. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who have participated and encourage others to contribute to this meaningful cause.

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