Assessment Lead & Supervisor: Pamela Marin | Meet Our Team

Pamela has been working with Big Brothers for over 4 years, having brought to the role her prior experience as a youth support worker. As Assessment Lead and Supervisor, Pamela assesses families and volunteers that are interested in participating in Big Brothers programs, and also provides support for community matches in the program – giving her first-hand experience in seeing the difference our programs make for both Littles and Bigs alike.

“My favourite part of working at Big Brothers is seeing the growth in friendship between a Big and Little. From being there at their first meeting together where it’s a bit awkward, to a year (or years) later, when you can see how comfortable they have become with each other. It is also always so nice to hear how much the Little enjoys hanging out with their Big and how much they value their Big’s time.”

Pamela also shared the following when it comes to her passions outside of her work.

What’s your favourite thing to do in Vancouver?
My favourite thing to do in Vancouver is to eat. There are so many good food places in the city and new ones are constantly popping up! I also like to follow up a good meal with a nice walk to soak in the nature Vancouver has to offer.

What’s your favourite place to travel?
Hawaii has to be one of my favourite places to travel. I’ve been there a few times and I always love it just as much as the first time I went. The flights to get there are not too long, they have warm weather, nice beaches, and Hawaiian food is delicious! That is my paradise!

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