Letters from Moms of Little Brothers

The children in our mentoring programs at Big Brothers are our central priority. We are often so in awe of the time and dedication that our Volunteers provide to kids in their communities that our words cannot express the gratitude we feel. Some of the people who recognize the benefits that mentoring has on children in our programs the most are their mothers.

These are a couple of the many beautiful letters we receive every month at Big Brothers.

Dear Big Brothers,

My son’s Big Brother has admitted a while ago he had a “fear” of Teddy Bears! In good nature, we have had fun teasing him a bit. We celebrated his birthday together with my son and the gift he got his Big Brother was a small Teddy Bear!! We all had a good laugh. Yes, his Big Brother thought it was great and super funny!! I still remember a few years ago when my son’s Big Brother’s birthday came around and I got a small cake and put his name and my son’s name on it. Their birthdays are a week apart. Anyhow, I invited my son’s Big Brother to join us for dinner (my son, myself and mom “Grandma”). After dinner, I put candles on the cake and we all sang Happy Birthday. I will never forget the look on our Big Brother’s face – he had never had a birthday cake and song like that!! It was a wonderful moment and one I look forward to every year.

The Big Brother match has been a true blessing to us. He has “completed” our small family. The bond he and my son have is one I longed for, hoped for and prayed for, but truly did not think would ever be possible. Then our Big Brother  came into our lives. He has given so much to my son– I sincerely do not know where we would be without him. He has taught my son so many important, valued life lessons. His moral/ethical/spiritual foundation is almost identical to mine, so it is a perfect, easy and natural fit.

I have watched my son grow and thrive and blossom. Of course there are many aspects to my son’s growth, but the role his Big Brother plays is truly critical, important, irreplaceable. I will never be able to begin to thank Big Brothers for the amazing work they do. Further, without Volunteers, without young men like my son’s Big Brother stepping forward, none of this would be possible. It is a tremendous commitment and takes time and I know in this day and age, time is a valuable commodity. Having said that, I firmly believe the mutual benefit is something that would so greatly enhance the lives of both “Bigs” and “Littles” that the time invested would pay off in dramatically!!!

I will forever be grateful to Big Brothers. Our Big Brother is amazing – our special “Earth Angel!!”

-Joy McCathry, Mom*

A child sits in the grass with a "thank you" sign  Mom and her two children outside in nature

Dear Big Brothers,

My son and his Big Brother are getting a long great. I am really impressed how hard our Big Brother works to make sure he gets the right event, activity. He really tries to understand my son, but at the same time pushes him to do activities that he may not necessarily favor.

My son’s Big Brother took him to a whitecaps game, and by the intermission, my son was ready to go. Although his Big Brother explained it was just the intermission, he understood when my son said something like, “i’ve been sitting here a long time now.” His Big Brother is patient, and truly understands that my son tried and did his best. There is a mutual respect. Now, my son is ready for something more active and they feel comfortable letting each other know.

I appreciate my son’s Big Brother pushing him outside his comfort and exposing him to new activities and experiences. His Big Brother and I laugh as we are calculating my son’s trip to the Vancouver Musuem. We know it may only be 20 minutes, but after that gentle push, maybe the arcade as a reward!

My son’s Big Brother plays castles with him, one of my son’s favorite games. Laughing at how my son can somehow manage to beat his Great Python, Super Scientist and weapons… role playing positive successful and fun relationships. My son can learn, that it’s ok to lose gracefully and let the others have fun with a ridiculous win. My son’s Big Brother is teaching him many things, and at the same time, they are enjoying themselves in the process. My son’s Big Brother seems to be very careful with the relationship, and is always checking in.

-Angela Lockwood, Mom*

When you volunteer or donate to Big Brothers, your donation helps the over 1,000 children who access our mentoring services each year. Most of the “Little Brothers” in our programs come from single-parent households, primarily led by moms (and grand-moms and foster moms). Click on the button below to learn more about how you can support local moms this Mother’s Day.

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the families in our programs.

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