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Did you start something with Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver?

Have you ever wondered where your contribution led?  Perhaps it was to a university education or a rise in literacy influenced by someone who was impacted by you.  Alumni is your opportunity to re-engage, have those questions answered and to continue your involvement in a movement that has bettered Canadian communities for 100 years.

Who can become Alumni?

  • Former volunteers in any of our programs
  • Current volunteers who have been matched a minimum of one year
  • Parents or Guardians of existing/ former Little Brothers
  • Current and former Board Members, committee members and staff
  • Ongoing sponsors and donors

Why Join?

  • To remain connected with the agency
  • To share your story and hear about the experience of others
  • To be recognized for your contribution
  • To reunite with those you have lost track of
  • To provide input on the direction of our agency

What to Expect

  • To receive communication from Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver every couple of months
  • Have the opportunity to join committees or speak on our behalf
  • Be invited to Big Brothers' events
  • Occasional requests for funding

Start something again!  Join Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver Alumni and see where your involvement could lead this time around.

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