De-Clutter in Moderation

De-Clutter in Moderation

Getting ready for the holidays or the new year doesn’t mean you have to empty half your home. If you have been putting off cleaning and organizing, one simple trick will lighten the load. Even thinking about de-cluttering can be overwhelming. Instead of dreading the one day that you plan to clean up, split your de-cluttering into several days. You can try splitting up the work various ways:

  • Put two items into your toss or donate bag/box every day for a week
  • Spend 30 minutes once a week for three weeks de-cluttering
  • Split your cleaning by rooms or areas: today you organize the kitchen, tomorrow you organize the dining area

When you are sorting through your things, make sure to keep in mind that most things can be useful to someone else. Your trash, their treasure! Anything that has been gently used can be donated to charities like Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver. Donations to Big Brothers helps fund mentoring programs for children in our community. PLUS we’ll pick up your donation for FREE! It’s a win-win!

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