Committing to the Cleanup

Committing to the Cleanup

If you have a habit of spending hours deciding whether to keep an old sweater or set of cutlery, we hear you! At the beginning of your clean, make a commitment to get rid of one (or two or three) garbage bags or boxes full of stuff you don’t need. Use a general set of rules to help with decision-making.

For example, the item goes into the bag or box if:

  • It has not been used in over 18 months
  • It doesn’t bring you joy (check out this article on KonMari de-cluttering)
  • The only reason you still have it, is that you need it “just in case”

When you are sorting through your things, make sure to keep in mind that most things can be useful to someone else. Your trash, their treasure! Anything that has been gently used can be donated to charities like Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver. Donations to Big Brothers helps fund mentoring programs for children in our community. PLUS we’ll pick up your donation for FREE! It’s a win-win!

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