How to Prepare Your Donations


We understand that your time, energy (and closet space) are all valuable commodities. That's why Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver is so appreciative of the clothing and household items you donate. But before we can pick up your generous donations from your home, please make sure that all items are placed in either bags or boxes—it'll make our job a lot easier (and make you feel extra good about helping out!).

We thank you for your thoughtfulness and for taking the time to support our cause. It means a lot to us!

For all other questions related to clothing donation, refer to our clothing donation page.

A family of 3 prepare boxed donations outside of their house


  • Placed in a bag (tie up to the top) or taped box, labeled “BB.”
  • Ideally light enough for 1 person to carry

Not Acceptable

  • Any furniture or large appliances (stove, washer, etc.)
  • Soiled, torn, unsafe, or hazardous donations
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