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Why I Volunteer with Big Brothers l By Daniel McElroy

I have been volunteering as a Big Brother since the spring of 2011. My motivation for getting involved was to give back to the community and to make a positive difference in a boy’s life. In going for weekly (at first) and then monthly outings, I have developed a strong relationship with my Little Brother … Read more

Growing Together I By Ryan Rae

Over these past years I have discovered just how much my friendship with my Little Buddy, Jay, has impacted our lives. We both can see the continuous growth of our friendship every week, and also see how much closer we are to achieving our goals and improving. While the volunteer program may seem daunting at … Read more

Friends for Life | by Jasmin Maaghop

Your words and actions can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Volunteering for the past three years has impacted my life in many ways. When I was first told about the opportunity to become a Teen Mentor, I was thrilled. Although I was persuaded by the temptation to obtain graduation volunteer hours, the thought … Read more

Bilingual mentors helping children in our community

Between being a third year medical student and working shifts in Emergency in Pediatrics, Ted is always excited to take a break from his busy schedule to spend a couple of hours once a week with his Little Brother Victor and have some fun. Ted and Victor represent a diversity match in The Big Brothers … Read more

Why I Volunteer | by Bojana Nikolic

People are surprised when they ask how long I’ve been volunteering with Big Brothers. The reason I’ve stuck around for so long is because I enjoy feeling like I’m making a difference.

Friends for Life Gained Through Big Brothers Program

Last year, Steve watched his Little Brother Chris graduate high school; and then felt the bitter-sweet combination of pride and sadness as the young man he had mentored for 10 years headed off to college. Their story began in 2005, when 7-year-old Chris was matched with Steve through Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver. Big Brother … Read more

North Shore Volunteer Gives Back

Being a mentor to a child doesn’t have to be hard work. You don’t have to be a working professional at the peak of your career, a straight A student in university or college or come from a wealthy well-mannered family.  All you need is a good head on your shoulders, a thirst for having … Read more

Letters from Moms of Little Brothers

The children in our mentoring programs at Big Brothers are our central priority. We are often so in awe of the time and dedication that our Volunteers provide to kids in their communities that our words cannot express the gratitude we feel. Some of the people who recognize the benefits that mentoring has on children … Read more

Unique Opportunity Brings Out Everyones Inner Superhero

With the holidays just around the corner, many are beginning to think about the spirit of giving and volunteering in their community. The opportunities in the city are endless: soup kitchens, food banks, environmental clean ups and more. But one Vancouver-based charity encourages Volunteers to give back in a unique way; by having fun and … Read more

How Big Brothers Helped My Family

UPDATE June 29, 2017 – Chris and Peyton are still matched, going on almost seven years now! Chris and Peyton continue to be a great match, continuing to grow, and have fun together even now! Taking the first step can be the hardest part, but when you finally take that chance it can be the … Read more

Big and Little Brother support local community

Growing up as an only-child, Marc Josef, 28, a resident of Richmond, wanted to explore what it’s like to have a sibling. Wanting to make a positive impact in his local community, he decided to volunteer with Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver. For over a year now, Marc and his Little Brother, Justin, have met … Read more

Mentoring Prepares Child for Social Success

Seeking a way to give back to her community, Richmond-resident, Stephanie decided to put her words into action as an In-School Mentor with Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver. Every week over the course of the year, Stephanie and her Little Buddy enjoyed a range of games and sports activities that built a close friendship, the … Read more

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