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A “Tremendously Enjoyable Experience” Volunteering

How did you become involved with Big Brothers? How long have you been involved? It’s something I wanted to get involved with for some time, so once I gained Canadian Permanent Residency* and my work situation got to a suitable stage, I finally applied. I had volunteered with other charities and organizations in the past, … Read more

The Beginning of a Life-Long Friendship

Have you ever wondered what happens when a match closes between a Big and Little Brother?  For Eric and Shane – their friendship never stopped; one might even say that they became family. Eric was at a stage with no kids and heard about the Big Brother program from his friend Bill. He viewed it … Read more


Brodan needed a positive male role model while overcoming some hurdles early in his life. His school grades were as low as his self-confidence, and his home was a place of unrest and turmoil. Realizing the need for another positive role model, Brodan’s mom signed him up for the Big Brother program. It was there … Read more

Our 2018 Clothing Donations Grand Prize WINNERS!

Our amazing 2018 Clothing Donation Sweepstakes Grand Prize Winner, Hilary was presented with a voucher to book her dream vacation for two earlier in February. Hilary said “I was so surprised, I never seem to win anything!” Hilary’s experience with Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver began 25 years ago through a family friend whose son … Read more

“My True Hero” – 8 Year Journey with Big Brothers

My Big Brothers journey started 8 years ago. I remember vividly attending a volunteer orientation at my high school, a staff member from Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver presented on a mentorship opportunity – for us to become teen mentors for elementary aged children. I was intrigued by the organization, and I knew right away … Read more

The Gift of Presence: Roland & Alex’s Story

Looking back, Big Brothers volunteer and monthly donor Roland Wood wishes he’d had a Big Brother mentor when he was a kid. Roland grew up in Ontario, raised by a single Mom, and didn’t have many mentors in his early years. “My mom actually offered to sign me up for a Big Brother but I … Read more

Video: Friendship is Priceless

Five Years of Friendship and Counting

Eric and his Little Brother Jacob* recently celebrated FIVE years of friendship through Big Brothers! We asked Eric to tell us more about his experience: Big Brothers: What is the best part about being a Big Brother to Jacob*? Eric: I was trying to think of the best thing about being a Big Brother to … Read more

A Boost of Confidence

“Kids are so genuine. We always had such a good time, laughing and joking together,” says Freda Fong, a police officer who has been a volunteer mentor to three Burnaby children. “Each of the kids that I built friendships with were really different,” explains Freda, who mentored two girls and one boy since she began … Read more

The Reverse Birthday Surprise: Anil’s Story

Anil Patel is on the journey of a lifetime – literally and figuratively. “I was on a pretty, let’s say, generic path,” says Anil, who grew up in Australia before moving to Vancouver. “I went to business school, and went to get a regular office job, and it was, you know, very much the safe … Read more

A Mountain Bike Race that Builds Confidence for Women and Girls!

As young girls approach adolescence, their participation in sports drops by 22%¹ . And that can shape their relationship with sports as adults. But volunteer mentor Melissa Sheridan is determined to change that – in more ways than one. For the past nine years, Melissa has volunteered as a Big Sister mentor in Squamish. Over … Read more

Why I Volunteer with Big Brothers | By: Salwa Takar

Salwa Takar moved to Canada from India with her family when she was nine years old. The youngest of seven children, Salwa understands the importance of positive role models. Learning a new language, making new friends and getting used to a new home was difficult, but she found comfort in following the example of her … Read more

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