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Assessment Lead & Supervisor: Pamela Marin | Meet Our Team

Pamela has been working with Big Brothers for over 4 years, having brought to the role her prior experience as a youth support worker. As Assessment Lead and Supervisor, Pamela assesses families and volunteers that are interested in participating in Big Brothers programs, and also provides support for community matches in the program – giving … Read more

Mentoring During the Pandemic

We’ve all had to pivot during the pandemic, including our staff, volunteers, and families as we adjusted our programs to be implemented virtually to ensure safety in all mentoring relationships ✨ We want to thank everyone for your patience and in supporting us whether you’re a volunteer, a donor, family we serve, or a staff … Read more

A 20-Year Journey from Little to Big Brother

We sat down with Brian, a Vancouverite who has a particularly interesting tie to Big Brothers, in that he was a Little Brother over 20 years ago, and just over a year ago, he made the decision to give back some of the benefits he received when he was a child. We were immensely curious … Read more

“It’s not about changing kids, it’s about helping them to understand and learn new skills that will benefit them later in life.”

We’d like to introduce you to one of our GameOn! Big Brothers volunteers, Andy. Andy has been generously volunteering his time with Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver for just under a year. During this time, he’s completed 3 rounds of our 8-week Game On! program. We’ve had the opportunity of getting to know Andy well … Read more

3 Reasons Why Volunteering in Game On Might Be Right For You

Meet Thanusan, he’s been involved in our short-term volunteering opportunity (Game On!) consistently since Fall 2016, and only missed 1 session in that time. Game On is typically offered every 3 months, so while writing this, he’s committed to almost 4 years of our 8-week program, making him one of the longest-standing volunteers in that … Read more

4 Reasons Why Volunteering With Big Brothers Might be Right For You

Today we sat down with Scott Pearson, an on-call firefighter here in the Lower Mainland. Our hope is to inspire anyone reading this who has considered volunteering with us to take the first step and learn more about our organization, and the benefits it can provide to your life, and in the life of a … Read more

3 Things You Learn When Mentoring Youth

This month, we sat down with Sebastian, who’s been involved with our Big Brother program for just under a year at this time of writing (March 2020.) He’s relatively new to the process of providing a mentoring relationship with a child, but there’s certain commonalities to his experience that he shares with other mentors that … Read more

“Health is Wealth, and the Secret to Living is Giving”

In this inspiring interview, we sat down with one of our Big Brothers, Jordan, who’s been involved with our charity for over 2 years. Jordan and his Little Brother, Noah sparked their friendship through a love of basketball, which Jordan introduced to Noah when they were initially matched together. Jordan and Noah typically have a … Read more

Making a Difference Through Playing Sports, and Conversation

We sat down with Bhwandip – a devoted Game On! volunteer since 2017. Game On! is our shortest commitment program out of all our volunteer opportunities, amounting to only 6-8 weeks at a local community centre or elementary school, during generally, after-school hours. Each Game On! session is traditionally split into 75 minutes of physical … Read more

“If you knew that (volunteering) would make the rest of your week better, would you not do it?”

Did you know that the volunteers involved in our flagship program, Big Brother or Community (one-on-one mentorship) simply dedicate 2-4 hours a week, which amounts to anywhere between 108-216 hours of quality time within a year with a local child or youth? A small act really can amount to a big impact. Meet Dan, at … Read more

“My free time is best spent with my Little Brother”

Our staff at Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver were first introduced to Manuel (Manu) at our first Big Appreciation Night where we celebrate our current volunteers for their time spent with their Little Brothers/Buddys, and to create an opportunity where “Bigs” can share their experiences with other volunteers. We also ask our existing volunteers to … Read more

A 20-year Halloween Tradition of Pumpkin Carving

“I really like the values that Big Brothers subtly passes on through the relationships: consistency, responsibility, respect, friendship, trust.” When Bill Crow moved to Vancouver from Ottawa, he had to say goodbye to his first Little Brother. “I told him I was going to have to leave, and he wasn’t saying anything. And I told … Read more

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