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A Big Brother volunteer with his Little Brother sitting with a fence to their backs.

Common Misconceptions About Weekly Volunteering in Greater Vancouver

Jumping into weekly volunteering can feel like lugging around a suitcase jam-packed with ‘what ifs’ and ‘but maybes.’ But every time we ditch one of those misconceptions, it’s like dropping … Read more

A Big Brother volunteer with his Little Brother playing hockey.

The Myriad Benefits of Group Volunteering Opportunities

Think about diving into a place where everything you do brings you closer to your friends and the people around you. In group volunteering, every job you tackle together and … Read more

A Big and Little Brother sitting with a brick wall to their backs while laughing.

Why Charity Volunteering (Like Big Brothers) is Good For You

Envision setting foot on a journey where every stride not only shapes a brighter world but also reshapes you at your core. Dedicating your time to volunteer work acts as … Read more

A Big and Little Brother posing for a while while playing baseball.

Skills Developed with Non-Profit Volunteering

Imagine stepping into a role where every moment you spend volunteering with local youth opens up new pathways for personal growth. Each hour dedicated to mentoring, guiding, and just being … Read more

A male stacking neatly folded clothes into a donation box.

Sustainable Fashion – The Role of Clothing Donation in Eco-Friendly Living

Diving into the world of sustainable fashion unveils a simple truth: our choices matter. Clothing donation stands as a beacon of eco-friendly living, turning the tide against fast fashion’s environmental … Read more

A stack of books sitting on a grey table.

How Book Drop Off Bins Benefit Greater Vancouver

How Book Drop-Off Bins Work Through the book donation bins facilitated by Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver, your used books embark on a new journey, contributing to literacy, education, and … Read more

Various stacks of books for sale at thrift store.

The Value of Big Brothers’ Book Donation Bins

Give Your Old Books New Life Have you ever wondered about the journey your books go on after they’re placed in a donation bin? Within the scope of Big Brothers … Read more

A volunteer passes a ball to a boy he's volunteering with.

The Art of Balancing Volunteering in Vancouver with Work

Balancing Work & Giving Back Navigating the balance between work responsibilities and the desire to volunteer can seem challenging at first glance. Yet, it’s entirely feasible with the right strategy … Read more

A boy playing a guitar with his mentor

Volunteering with Youth: A Guide for First-Timers

An Intro to Volunteering With Youth If you’re passionate about making a difference and eager to share your knowledge and enthusiasm with the younger generation, you’re in the right place. … Read more

An Asian woman smiling on her phone with a box of donations in front of her.

Mastering the Art of Spring Cleaning

Spring is on its Way As spring nearly arrives, so does the opportunity for a fresh beginning in our homes. Spring cleaning is more than a tradition; it’s a chance … Read more

A stack of book donations bundled together.

Did You Know Big Brothers Offers Book Recycling?

Giving Books a New Life Welcome to an exciting initiative where literature meets sustainability. You might not know, but Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver offers a book recycling program, an … Read more

A boy sitting on a basketball in a basketball court.

5 Reasons to Volunteer with Youth in Sports and Recreation

Sports & Recreation as Tools For Connection Have you ever considered the profound impact a simple game of basketball or a day at the park can have on a young … Read more

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