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A man in a hat looking through books on display.

Book Donation Bins Are More Than Just a Drop-Off Point

By donating books, you’re helping the environment and also supporting local initiatives, and decluttering your home. Pretty incredible, right? Learn how your contributions can make a significant impact on the … Read more

A woman in her living room carefully considers which clothing she's going to donate.

Clothes Donation is Vancouver’s Answer to Sustainable Fashion

Giving away your gently used clothes helps the environment, supports local communities, and declutters your home. Find out how your contributions can make a positive impact on the Greater Vancouver … Read more

A woman carrying a box of household donations.

How to Donate Used Household Items to Big Brothers

Making a positive impact on your community can be as simple as donating used household items to Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver. Follow this guide to ensure your contributions are … Read more

A person moving a set of boxes with household donations within them.

Why Donate Household Donations to Big Brothers

Giving your household items to Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver offers a simple way to make a big difference. Not only do your donations support vital community programs, but they … Read more

A boy runs alongside his dad playing soccer.

Why You Should Seek Volunteer Opportunities in Vancouver

From personal growth to community impact, volunteering provides opportunities for every walk of life. Whether you are a student, a young professional, a new immigrant, or looking to enhance your … Read more

A boy about to kick a football held by his older male mentor.

The Real Impact of Charity Volunteering on Society

From strengthening community bonds to enhancing personal well-being, volunteer efforts ripple through our neighborhoods, creating lasting positive change. Learn how engaging in volunteer activities can boost your career, bring joy, … Read more

A young male with his older male mentor eating ice cream at a park.

The Impact of Volunteering with Kids in Burnaby

Interested in seeing what the impact of volunteering with kids in Burnaby could be? Whether you’re looking to mentor, support, or guide, your efforts can spark significant positive changes within … Read more

An older male mentor with his younger mentee posing for a photo with a silly face.

The Long-Term Benefits of Participating in Mentorship Programs

Whether you’re looking to give back as a mentor or seeking guidance as a mentee, the benefits of mentorship programs extend far beyond personal development. From boosting confidence and leadership … Read more

Five individuals sorting donated clothing into bins

Why Donate to Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver’s Donation Bins

A convenient, valuable service for everyone in Greater Vancouver In a world that is increasingly marked by consumerism and material excess, the act of giving takes on a unique, transformative … Read more

Volunteering: A Key to Unlocking Personal Growth

The Social Power of Volunteering Discover the transformative power of volunteering. In the heart of Greater Vancouver, we uncover how dedicating your time enriches our community and sparks personal growth. … Read more

A boy playing a guitar with his mentor

The Art of Building Trust in Mentorship Relationships

Trust-Building in Mentorship: A Guide Building trust can be a challenging task to undertake. As you consider joining Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver, let’s explore the art of building trust … Read more

An Asian boy smiles with his father playing a board game.

10 Traits of an Exceptional Volunteer

Skills to Cultivate Today, we outline a few key qualities that make a volunteer stand out. Learn how empathy, dedication, and leadership can elevate your volunteer experience and make a … Read more

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