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From Afghanistan to Volunteering in Surrey: A Mentor’s Journey

Fred has gone from fleeing war in Afghanistan to volunteering in Surrey by mentoring youth. He’s been through it all, and then some, but finds value in giving back to … Read more

The Science of Mentorship

Let’s Dive Into the Science of Mentorship Equals Mentorship is about connection and building healthy relationships that last. The equation is all about helping each other learn and grow while … Read more

A person stacking a box of clothing donations

How to Donate Clothing & Books to Big Brothers

Donate and Positively Impact Local Lives Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to donate clothing and books to Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver. In a world where the divide … Read more

Five individuals sorting donated clothing into bins

Why Donate to Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver’s Donation Bins

A convenient, valuable service for everyone in Greater Vancouver In a world that is increasingly marked by consumerism and material excess, the act of giving takes on a unique, transformative … Read more

Building Big Friendships by Volunteering at School

Learn all about volunteering and mentoring at a local elementary school in Greater Vancouver with our In-School Mentor Program. Meet this year’s Big of the Year for the In-School Mentoring … Read more

Creating Impact Through Play – Richmond Volunteer

Here’s a Richmond volunteer opportunity to share your love of sports and healthy living with children and youth, read on to learn more on how you can make a community … Read more

3 ways your organization can support youth

Are you passionate about supporting youth and making a positive impact in your community as an organization? Then look no further than partnering with Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver and … Read more

Math and Mentorship

For those looking for a volunteer opportunity to share your love for math with those who could use it, you’re in the right place.  In the middle of the pandemic, … Read more

Volunteering and the Meaning of Mentorship

For National Volunteering Week, April 16-22, we want to put the spotlight on one of our committed volunteers. Introducing our Big Born in Lions Bay, but raised in Vancouver, Lars … Read more

Kick-starting Volunteerism

For National Volunteer Week, we’re showing off our volunteers who are making a BIG impact in our communities and we have one special volunteer to show our appreciation for. Discovering … Read more

A man in a downtown Vancouver park

It’s About Showing Up

Jan. 27, is Thank Your Mentor Day. But what does it mean and look like to be a mentor? Well, stick around and find out because we want you to … Read more

Mentorship Explained in the Words of a Big Brother

Mentorship Explained in the Words of a Big Brother

Have you ever wondered about being a youth mentor or what mentoring even is? Then keep calm and read on because you’re in the right place. Meet our mentor Playing … Read more

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