Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver Foresees Loss of Clothing Donation Bins to Cost $500,000 Annually

Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver Foresees Loss of Clothing Donation Bins to Cost $500,000 Annually

VANCOUVER, BC – Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver has temporarily removed all of its 180 clothing bins across the Lower Mainland in order to re-evaluate their design and make any recommended improvements. For the organization, clothing donations, both home pick up and bin collections, account for over 50% of the funding needed to run the essential mentoring programs.

Removal of the bins means that the organization anticipates losing $500,000 annually, a significant amount and critical funding used to support the mentorship programs. Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver provides one-on-one mentorship and group programs for over 1,200 children and youth each year. The organization is mostly community funded and it is currently evaluating the situation. Over 250 children could potentially be impacted.

“We are asking for the public’s support during this critical time to continue to donate used clothing and small household items to Big Brothers,” says Valerie Lambert, Executive Director of Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver. “We don’t want the children in our programs to lose the chance of having a mentor in their lives.”

There are several ways the public can donate to Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver:

  1. Donate used clothing and household items and book a donation pick up through phone or online by calling 604.526.2447, visit http://www.BigClothingDonation.com, or email pickup@renewcrew.com
  2. Drop off donations at the organization’s office (#102-1193 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC) or at Value Village stores
  3. Host a community clothing drive at your workplace or school, email programs@renewcrew.com
  4. Donate funds at https://www.bigbrothersvancouver.com/donate-now
  5. Talk to your strata council about setting up an indoor bin in your building

For interviews and inquiries on how to support our organization:

Valerie Lambert, Executive Director

Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver


604.876.2447 x223

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