Monthly Giving

Monthly Giving

Be a year-round champion for kids!

“I grew up with parents who cared for me and supported me but I still had these grown ups who were in my life that I looked up to. That’s what Big Brothers is about: giving children mentors who will forever affect the course of their lives. I want to be a part of that mission.” — Tom, monthly donor

Making a monthly donation is the best way to support year-round mentoring programs for kids in your community! Becoming a monthly donor means:

  • More impact
  • Easier budgeting
  • Fewer emails and reminders

Join the Monthly Donor Club now

It Increases Your Impact
Children and families need our assistance year-round – your monthly donation provides much-needed, reliable funding for over 1,200 children who need mentors each year. Scheduled donations make it easier for our organization to plan out how we can best serve these local kids.

It’s Easier on Your Wallet (and Ours too!)
Spreading out your annual donation over 12 months is easier to budget – and you can feel good year-round about helping local kids!

Big Brothers is charged the same fees on twelve $10 donations as a single $120 gift, and there’s less administration, so your dollars go further in supporting children.

It Means Fewer Emails and Reminders
We send out several requests and reminders to our donors each year, especially in December when the deadline for tax receipts is looming. As a Monthly Donor, you have already made your contribution to mentorship in your community, so you’ll only get updates and stories about the kids you’ve helped – no extra requests or reminders needed!

Are you ready to be a year-round champion to kids who need mentors? It’s easy to join the Monthly Donors Club – no need to post-date cheques or share your bank information. Just fill out our secure online form. You can pause, decrease, or increase your payments at any time.

Still have questions? Contact Luke Coad, our Development Officer, at 604-876-2447 ext. 306 or lcoad@bbgvf.com

Thank you for building stronger communities, one kid at a time.

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