4 Benefits of Online Fundraising

4 Benefits of Online Fundraising

In the modern world of non-profits, there are a variety of choices for how to raise funds.  While traditional or “offline” methods are still important, the rise of online fundraising platforms has opened up a whole new world of fundraising possibilities! We have put together some of the main benefits for why we think using an online platform is the way forward. Here are our 4 main perks summarized just for you:

Extended Reach:

Raising pledges online allows you to surpass geographical limitations. You can use your email and multiple social media channels to spread the word about your event to reach more potential donors, attract new supporters or to create a buzz or friendly competition between event participants. Online fundraising usually produces a higher give result than traditional methods. You are also increasing Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver’s online visibility and are helping to spread our message.

Personalized Account

One of the key benefits that online fundraising offers is that you are empowered to become the voice of the organization within your social groups. By adding pictures, personal messages and stories to your online account, you are making a personal appeal that creates a bridge to your audience saying “Big Brothers is important to me and OUR community and this is why”.  This message is so important when it comes from a volunteer, event participant or donor as it shows an unbiased view of what we do and who we are as an organization.

Cost effective collection

Preparing an event can be expensive when factoring in the printing and manpower costs that are related to creating and distributing offline donation materials such as pledge books; not to mention the staff time costs that are incurred while counting and recounting the pledges during and after the event. Online pledging is both convenient and affordable making it more cost effective in both out of pocket costs and time. Here at Big Brothers we aim to maximize our profit at every event so that we can support even more local kids through our mentoring programs. Help us to DECREASE our expenditure and INCREASE our success by signing up online today!

Ease & Convenience

Gone are the days when you had to go door to door collecting pledges and keeping them safe until your event. By signing up online you minimize any risks that are associated with collecting large sums of money. You can easily track what has been pledged to you by your donors and you can enter any offline donation you might receive.

By using an online fundraising account, you can easily monitor your personal and team goals and achievements on your home page. You can rest easy knowing that all of your donors have received a tax receipt and a thank you email for their support as these are both automatically generated once a donation is received. You can also modify your goals or messages and instantly update your entire network of donors on your progress or team news. This is an easy and efficient way for you to fundraise that reduces stress, frustration and your time commitment so that you can focus on what’s really important……practicing your bowling skills for the big day!

Click here to register online and start fundraising today!

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