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We stand with youth because we know the simplest acts create the biggest impact – and these acts can empower potential everywhere.

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A teen with headphones stacking away clothing donations into a box in his room.

Clothing Donation Bins: A Tool for Teaching Kids about Charity

Teaching Kids About Giving Back In this blog, we’ll dig into the impact of giving through clothing donation bins, a straightforward method to show kids the value of charity and its widespread benefits in the community. This act of kindness also has a secondary effect of instilling a sense of … Read more

A male mentor giving his mentee a fist bump at the library.

How Local Volunteering Can Shape Your Career Path

Transformative Experiences In this blog, we’ll outline how giving your time to mentor young people can be a game-changer for your career path. We’ll also explore the skills you’ll pick up and the new opportunities that mentoring can unlock for you. Ultimately, we’ll learn how guiding the next generation can … Read more

A boy and his Big Brother sitting on a baseball diamond in baseball gear

10 Traits of an Exceptional Volunteer

Skills to Cultivate Today, we outline a few key qualities that make a volunteer stand out. Learn how empathy, dedication, and leadership can elevate your volunteer experience and make a real difference in the lives of young people. See how these traits can shape your journey and positively impact the … Read more

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