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We stand with youth because we know the simplest acts create the biggest impact – and these acts can empower potential everywhere.

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Volunteering as a LGBTQ+ Mentor

For many, becoming a “mentor” can be intimidating, but for Big and Little Brother, Fraser and Awen, it has resulted in a seven-year long friendship – and counting. “The way I like to think about mentorship is that it’s really anyone who has a story to tell or is willing … Read more

A Big Brother volunteer with his Little Brother sitting with a fence to their backs.

Common Misconceptions About Weekly Volunteering in Greater Vancouver

Jumping into weekly volunteering can feel like lugging around a suitcase jam-packed with ‘what ifs’ and ‘but maybes.’ But every time we ditch one of those misconceptions, it’s like dropping a bit of that extra weight, making room for all the cool stuff that’s just waiting for us. Turning those … Read more

A Big Brother volunteer with his Little Brother playing hockey.

The Myriad Benefits of Group Volunteering Opportunities

Think about diving into a place where everything you do brings you closer to your friends and the people around you. In group volunteering, every job you tackle together and every hurdle you get over makes your community feel more like a tight-knit family. It’s where you can share a … Read more

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