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We stand with youth because we know the simplest acts create the biggest impact – and these acts can empower potential everywhere.

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A man in a hat looking through books on display.

Book Donation Bins Are More Than Just a Drop-Off Point

By donating books, you’re helping the environment and also supporting local initiatives, and decluttering your home. Pretty incredible, right? Learn how your contributions can make a significant impact on the Greater Vancouver area and beyond. Environmental Benefits of Donating Books Donating books significantly reduces waste and conserves natural resources. When … Read more

A woman in her living room carefully considers which clothing she's going to donate.

Clothes Donation is Vancouver’s Answer to Sustainable Fashion

Giving away your gently used clothes helps the environment, supports local communities, and declutters your home. Find out how your contributions can make a positive impact on the Greater Vancouver area and beyond. Environmental Impact of Clothes Donations Donating clothes plays a vital role in reducing waste and conserving resources. … Read more

A woman carrying a box of household donations.

How to Donate Used Household Items to Big Brothers

Making a positive impact on your community can be as simple as donating used household items to Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver. Follow this guide to ensure your contributions are valuable and easy to manage. From preparing your items to finding convenient drop-off locations or scheduling a home pickup, we … Read more

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