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We stand with youth because we know the simplest acts create the biggest impact – and these acts can empower potential everywhere.

A man in a downtown Vancouver park

Thank Your Mentor Day: It’s About Showing Up

Jan. 27, is Thank Your Mentor Day. But what does it mean and look like to be a mentor? Well, stick around and find out because we want you to meet a volunteer we’re thankful for! Introducing our Big A born and raised Vancouverite, Zayd, 36, knows all too well … Read more

Mentorship Explained in the Words of a Big Brother

Mentorship Explained in the Words of a Big Brother

Have you ever wondered about being a youth mentor or what mentoring even is? Then keep calm and read on because you’re in the right place. Meet our mentor Playing Minecraft, shooting hoops, running for cover at laser tag, and attending a comic convention. These are some of the things … Read more

Gurtej and Andrew from BBGV

Growing Up and Building Character Together: Andrew & Gurtej

Andrew and Gurtej are quite the pair. “He’s very mischievous … He’ll try to get away with as much as is humanly possible” Gurtej, Andrew’s Big Brother, said. Though not in a bad way, he added with a grin. “He reminded me a lot of myself. Someone who has a … Read more

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